Should I Get Bridges or Implants?

Tooth loss is very common despite being preventable in many cases. In fact, it is estimated that almost 70 percent of adults between the ages of 35 and 44 have lost at least one of their adult teeth. This may be due to an injury or even advanced tooth decay. Despite the preventative nature of the dental issue, it’s important to address missing teeth. This is because missing teeth can impact your speech. chewing, digestion, facial structure, and self-confidence. If you are considering tooth replacement options, you may wonder, should I get bridges or implants? Below you will find helpful information about both options so you can work with a dentist to decide which one is right for you.

Should I Get Bridges or Implants?

Dental implants and bridges are restorative treatments that replace missing teeth to fully restore your smile. Dental implants include artificial teeth that allow the bone to grow around the implant. This option is more invasive when compared to dental bridges. Dental bridges close the gap between missing teeth with crowns and artificial teeth. Both offer great benefits and are effective tooth replacement treatment options.

Factors to Consider

Dental bridges and implants offer unique benefits. When deciding which one is right for you, consider the following factors.

Treatment Timeline:

The treatment timeline for dental bridges and implants differ greatly. A dental bridge can be completed in just two visits over a couple of weeks. If you need or want a speedy option, dental bridges can replace your teeth quickly. Alternatively, dental implants take much more time as compared to a dental bridge. A dental implant can take between two to six months. This is because the implant is placed into your jawbone and the root of the implant needs to fully attach to your jawbone. A temporary denture is placed in the space, but it can take some time before the permanent crown is attached to the implant. Consider your expectations when it comes to your treatment timeline.

Number of Missing Teeth:

A dental implant requires surgically attaching a metal rod into your jawbone. If you have more than one missing tooth, this can be expensive and maybe even impractical, depending on the amount of missing teeth you have. However, a bridge can replace up to three missing teeth in a row in some cases. It’s important to talk with your dental provider skilled in cosmetic and general dentistry about the replacement options that are right for you.

Personal Health:

Your oral health and overall health are directly linked. With that, it’s important to consider which replacement options will be beneficial based on your overall health. For example, dental implants require surgery. Patients with certain medical conditions may not be the best candidate for the procedure. However, dental bridges to replace teeth would likely be a great option. Your dentist will go over your medical history and current health at your consultation to determine which option is right for you.


Price can be a determining factor in some cases as all insurances are different. In many cases, dental insurance covers bridges but may not cover implants. Talk with your dentist and your insurance provider about which options are covered so you are financially prepared.

Dental Bridge Treatment

If you have missing teeth and are considering replacement options, dental bridges or implants are excellent options. To determine which one is right for you, contact the team at Tropic Dental Care. They have helped countless patients restore their smiles. You can share your expectations at the consultation, and the dentist can answer any of your questions. They can also advise you on which tooth replacement option is best based on your unique needs. Contact their team today to schedule a consultation!





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