When to Replace Your Dental Bridges

Dental bridges are generally very useful and durable pieces of dental equipment that have the potential to last for decades if they are taken care of well. However, even well-cared-for bridges will eventually need replacing. Below, we look at when to replace your dental bridges.

There are certain tell-tale signs that begin to appear that can indicate when it’s time to replace your dental bridge. Staying aware of these signs can help you to keep your dental health in premier shape.

When to Replace Your Dental Bridges

If you have a dental bridge and are concerned that it might be time to replace it, take a look at this guide that describes the conditions that indicate it might be time to do so. It can help inform you of the best steps to take in proceeding with some type of repair.

How Long Does a Dental Bridge Last?

In general, a healthy dental bridge will last between 5 and 15 years. During this time, the bridge should perform all of its intended functions at a high level with little issue.

There is an urban legend that a broken dental bridge will fall out if it isn’t repaired in time. Although dental bridges do loosen over time, this can be easily fixed by your dentist, who is equipped with a set of tools that can re-tighten a loose bridge. A dental bridge is generally manufactured to last a lifetime, so the overall chance of it falling out is fairly minimal.

If the bridge is loose enough that it can’t be salvaged, the best path forward is considered to be breaking the cement on the abutment tooth. The origin of the loose bridge is then addressed, and then the bridge is reinforced. If the bridge has a fracture or a chip, the bridge can be replaced.

Sometimes, the abutment tooth will need to be treated additionally by procedures like a professional cleaning or a root canal. If the abutment tooth is beyond saving, then it will have to be replaced by an implant. These implants are fixed surgically to the jawbone that can support the dental bridge.

Dental Bridge Replacement

The exact process of dental bridge replacement is somewhat contingent on the exact nature of your dental bridge issue. For example, if the problem is with an abutment tooth, then a procedure will be used to remove the bridge.

Fixed bridges are glued to the abutment teeth by cement, so this often involves breaking the original dental bridge. Once the supporting teeth of the bridge are back to full health, then a replacement bridge can be constructed.

In addition, if the abutment teeth cannot be restored, the teeth can be replaced with dental implants to support the replacement bridge. The abutment teeth themselves can also be replaced with implants as well.

Can You Fix a Broken Dental Bridge?

In general, the ability to repair a broken dental bridge is somewhat contingent on the level of damage to the surrounding teeth. If the issue at hand is a simple crack or chip in the bridge, it typically can be fixed with a dental bonding material. Also, a loose dental bridge can be removed and re-cemented in place if the supporting teeth are healthy.

In the case that there is a higher level of decay in the supporting teeth, there’s a strong chance that the bridge and crown will ultimately need to be replaced. The supporting teeth that indicate the signs of decay may no longer fit into the shape of the old bridge.

How Much Does It Cost to Fix a Broken Dental Bridge?

In general, you can expect the cost of the replacement of a broken dental bridge to be between $500 and $1,500. That being said, if your situation calls for the installation of support implants, you can expect a procedure that costs upwards of $5,000. These prices are subject to vary depending on your insurance coverage and the total scope of the work.

However, whatever the cost, replacing the dental bridge is very important, and it’s a good idea to perform it whenever it’s required. Doing so can help to prevent further issues down the line. Performing correct prevention and maintenance is the right thing to do overall if you want to maintain top dental health.

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