What to do after your smile makeover: 7 key aftercare tips

Having a bright and aligned smile is something everyone wants. It allows you to feel confident about your smile and talking with others. For those who don’t like their smile, there are several cosmetic dental treatments and procedures. Finding the right procedure for you is a great way to upgrade your smile. Below you will find what to do after your smile makeover: 7 key aftercare tips.

What to do after your smile makeover: 7 key aftercare tips

Upgrading the look of your smile can provide amazing results. Not only can it improve the look of your smile but it can also boost your confidence. Consider the following aftercare tips to ensure your smile makeover lasts.

Consistent Oral Care Routine:

No matter what cosmetic dental treatment you received, focus on maintaining a consistent daily oral care routine. This can ensure your results last and keep your oral health in good shape. A healthy oral care routine includes brushing at least twice a day with a soft-bristled toothbrush for two minutes. In addition to brushing, floss at least once a day.

Avoid Hot and Cold Foods:

Tooth sensitivity is common after a number of cosmetic dental procedures. Avoid hot and cold foods and drinks for a few days after your dental procedure. This can help reduce any discomfort after your cosmetic dental treatments.

Use A Cold Compress:

Some dental procedures may cause swelling and inflammation. A great way to combat this is to use a cold compress. Apply the cold compress to the areas of your face where you have swelling. Do this for 15 to 20 minutes every few hours. This is helpful for the first few days after treatment.

Avoid Smoking:

Smoking is unhealthy and can negatively impact your oral health. Smoking can also impact your smile makeover results. This is because smoking impacts the healing process. Smoking can also impact your gums, cause stains, and increase your risk for other harmful oral health issues.

Take Your Prescribed Medication:

Depending on the type of treatment you received, you may be prescribed medication. Take your medications as prescribed. This is especially true if you were prescribed antibiotics. If you have an adverse reaction, contact your dentist right away as you may need to switch medications.


Dental procedures can be complex sometimes. The stress can add up so it’s important to focus on rest afterwards. Recovering from your procedure can ensure your results and keep you healthy. Talk with your dentist in Riverside about what steps you should take after your surgery to ensure a smooth recovery process.

Attend Your Follow-up Visit:

Your dentist will likely ask that you come in for a follow-up appointment. This is helpful as it can ensure your progress and allow them to assess if there are any issues. In addition to your follow-up appointment, schedule regular dental visits. Dentists recommend regular check-ups at least every six months.

Smile Makeover in Riverside

A smile makeover is a great way to improve your look. You may wonder, what is a smile makeover? A smile makeover in Riverside is a customized treatment plan intended to address your unique imperfections. Common treatment options include dental funding, professional teeth whitening, Veneers, crowns, dental implants, dental bridges, and even tooth-colored fillings. A skilled dentist can work with you on your aesthetic goals.

If you are unhappy with the look of your smile, contact the team at Tropic Dental Care. They offer a wide variety of cosmetic dental treatments to improve the look of your smile. They have helped countless patients achieve their desired smile aesthetic. Contact their office today to schedule an appointment!





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